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My Thoughts on Inside Out

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 22, 2015, 8:34 AM
So I watched Disney and Pixar's latest movie Inside Out AND I LOVE IT XD So obviously I'm gonna be saying a WHOLE LOT OF SPOILERS SO.....


Uh but first, if you guys haven't watched Inside out, please, please PLEASE go watch it, it's an amazing movie, and if you are gonna watch it I HIGHLY recommend bringing a butt-load of tissues for your tears XD


FIRST OFF! Before we get to the actual movie, there's a short film that plays before it like Paperboy played before Wreck-it-Ralph and Feast was played before Big Hero 6. The short film is called "Lava" it's a really sweet and it already made me cry XD. It's about a volcano named Uku who's looking for love and sings a song everyday hoping that someone will find him and love him. As the years go by, he began to grow old and be submerged underwater. Little did he know that there was another volcano named Lele, who was a female volcano. Uku sang his song for the last time and after that Lele started to rise from the ocean floor BUT! SHE WAS FACING AWAY FROM HIM XD And because of the shifted water level, Uku was even more submerged than before. He tried to sing again, but his mouth was already submerged, so he started to cry, but because of that he started to sink even faster until be was at the bottom of the ocean. Lele started to sing his song which made Uku happy, and because of the ignited magma (or feelings) within Lele, it was powerful enough to make Uku resurface....yeaaaahhh not sure that's how volcanoes actually work BUT WHATEVER XD. After that the two volcanoes became one island (again, not sure if that's actually a thing xD) and they both sang the song together AND LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER XDXDXD

Overall I loved it XD The whole short film was actually in song XD I'm trying to find the whole thing cause I just love it so much I need the song XD

NOW THEN TO INSIDE OUT XD Just a reminder this is MY OPINION about the movie XD

.....I LOVE IT XDXD. *Ahem* Animation and Production wise it was amazing XD From the 3D models to the cool cameos, it was really cool XD So many of the previous Pixar movies were referenced like Finding Nemo, Toy's Story 3, Up etc. XD I love that the movie actually talks about the real life problems of dealing with emotions and the things that causes them to change. The voice acting was superb, they really did a good job with picking the cast. The VAs portrayed the characters really well--well they ARE Pros after all XD. I was actually shocked when I heard that Inside Out took 5 YEARS to make and that they really hired experts in Psychology to help out with creating the plot XD. After researching a bit, I found out that each emotion was based on a shape XD Joy a star, Sadness a teardrop, Anger a fire red brick, Fear a vein and Disgust, broccoli (How ironic XD).

Here are my thoughts on each Emotion and characters XD

:bulletyellow: Joy - Of course as what you'd expect she's unbelievably positive XD But I thought she was really self-centered, she wanted all the memories to be happy, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but she mostly doesn't allow the others to create their own memories, and I really didn't like how she acted towards Sadness in the beginning Xp. She treated Sadness like she was the least important Emotion, but in the end she realized that Sadness was just as important as her. 

:bulletblue: Sadness -  MY FAVORITE XD I really like Sadness, she's the emotion I can relate to the most XD Her character is just what I expected to be...well SAD XD She was actually a really unintentionally funny character XD In the movie, it actually kinda shows that Sadness is the smartest of the five cause she has read EVERY Manual on how to use Emotions and she was the Emotion that they really needed the most.

:bulletpurple: Fear -  I really do like Fear, he's adorable XD I love the fact that they designed him to be kind of a nerd and that he lists every horrible outcome to try and prevent it XD As expected, Fear mostly passes out, even in the slightest of scares XD I considered Fear to be one of the comic reliefs along with Anger, cause Anger always gets mad at him XD

:bullettred: Anger - Like I said, Anger kinda serves as a comic relief cause scenes with him always make me laugh XD My most favorite quote from him was "Congratulations San Francisco, you've ruined pizza! First, the Hawaiians, and now you!" XDXDXD. Anger isn't always angry, he actually agrees with the others and will only burst into flames when provoked XD I love the fact that at the end he had access to a LOT of cuss words, none of them was mentioned of course XD

:bulletgreen: Disgust -  I really didn't think too much of her, she's not exactly my least favorite Emotion but eh xD She makes sure that you don't get food poisoning and helps with being social towards others XD I love the fact that she has the same VA as  Taffyta Muttonfudge from Wreck-It-Ralph, it's a perfect fit XD. I actually don't really much have much to say about her though ^^;

:bulletpink: Bing Bong - I LOVE HIM XD Bing Bong is Riley's old imaginary friend who wanders around Long Term Memory. He's part cat, part elephant, part cotton candy and part dolphin XD He actually has one of the more important roles in the movie. I'm not gonna say much about him cause if I do, I'll ruin the whole movie XD

When I first heard of Inside Out I KNEW I just had to watch it, especially since it's a Pixar movie and we all know, Pixar knows how to hit the feels hard XD. So I really didn't know anything about the movie except for the five emotions, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, THAT'S IT XD When I really want to watch a movie, I don't research about it until AFTER I've watched it, so I was basically clueless about the movie's plot until now XD. All I knew was that it's a tearjerker and it was really good. As the months went by I was able to resist spoilers.....until I've heard of Bing Bong from a toy review channel that I watch XD When I first saw him I thought he was gonna be the main villain of the movie cause I saw he had hold of a Memory Ball but it turns out he was the hero of the movie XD

ANYWAY that's what I have t say about Inside Out XD Easily one of Pixar's best movies and it's really worth seeing it XD I'll update soon hopefully, but for now happy reading! XD</b>

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